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Mr.Selvaraju. The founder of "Lava Cakes" □ {Entrepreneur}


  • The success story of the Lava Cakes Group is linked to the person who founded it on 2013. It is the story of Mr.Selvaraju. A qualified master of the sucessful businessman.
  • A rural born from agiculture family of Vannianviduthi Village, Alangudi-Pudukkottai[District] TamilNadu-India.
  • After Schooling, He has started his career as Asst-Confectioner-Trainee in Bakery @ Kerala in the year 1997 & Pro moted as Confectioner. Lateron joined as Chef in a Bakery @ Chennai-India & His starving of learning was not over, To gain global knowledge of bakeries,
  • He footstepped on Arab soil. Joined in a premium Bakery of Dubai- (Served-4 Years)
  • Landed back to Chennai-India to become an entrepreneur which was his dream to start. He rised the brand "Lava Cakes"in 2013.
  • Where the success of his Baked products took a while to reach.
  • But Great Determinded Mr.Selvaraju, He proved that he had the staying power. The enterpreneur always eyed the future when doing it.
  • His Motto: "Once started you have to win or you're equalled to a deadman".
  • It is also possible to achieve what appear to be almost un attainable targets.
  • His tireless and diligent drive for improvement have meant that, Today. "Made by Lava" stands for Quality, Taste & Pricing.

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